Vegan Baby Bag (faux leather) for Mommies

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A trendy and stylish baby bag, designed with attention to detail, to help carry all your baby essentials . This is perfect when travelling, hiking, shopping or even simply taking a walk around your neighbourhood.

Array of pockets to compartmentalise your items and easily attachable to the stroller. This can easily be substituted for a backpack, giving you that dual-purpose transferability.   


  • Four outter pockets (two zipper pockets)
  • Six inner pockets (one zipper pocket) 
  • Two thermal insulation pockets
  • One laptop inner pocket (fits iPad and 13" Laptops)
  • Adjustable straps
  • Three colours: Jet black, Almond and Cinnamon (note the design vary with colour but features are same)

What's included:

  • Separate cosmetic bag
  • Separate warmer bag
  • Diaper pad
  • Trolley hook

 Dimensions (cm):

  • Jet black / Almond: 26x30x12 
  • Cinnamon: 26x36x12