Ginger Lemon Natural Chewing Gum

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An award winning natural chewing gum made without any synthetic ingredients.

The gum base is completely plastic free and made the traditional way using natural chicle, a sustainably harvested tree sap from the Mexican sapodilla tree.

Honest Gum contains no artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives or colours. 

IngredientsNatural chicle gum base, xylitol (from the birch tree), stevia, candelilla wax, ginger root powder, glycerin (from vegetable), lecithin (from sunflower), gum arabic, guar gum, lemon essential oil.

Ginger is known to help reduce nausea, a type of stomach upset that often results from morning sickness, motion sickness, food poisoning, migraines and may also assist with bloating and tummy upsets. It has long been a traditional and alternative medicine with various uses.*

Store in a cool dry place.