About us

I am glad to see you here! If you are here, it only means that you are making or made a lifestyle change for the betterment of yourself, environment and for the animals. I want to thank you for your support to the Veganist community and doing your part to live a cruelty-free life.

For me, Veganism is more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle. I turned vegan only for my love and compassion for the animals. I was ashamed of the hypocrisy we place on loving and caring for our pet dogs and cats, but conveniently turn a blind-eye against the gruesome practices against animals in other industries. While meat and diary industry are an obvious choice for animal cruelty, it is important to realise that animal cruelty prevails in many industries from product testing to promoting “tourism” to entertainment purposes. It breaks my heart!

Let’s not forget that your health and the environment will also thank you for going Vegan. I can go on talking about this topic passionately, but I want to invite you to check out our community blog with invaluable information and join the conversation. We also introduced a Vegan Recipe Series to give you ideas on how to cook up some amazing vegan food!

My vegan journey brings me here to the Veganist. 

Once again, thank you for being here. I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience. Feel free to write to me about your experience on shop@veganist.com.au.

Be Kind,

Fellow Veganist