How to Start a Vegan Diet

How to Start a Vegan Diet

 Going on a Vegan diet is simple as it gets, but getting started can be scary, especially if you do not have fellow Vegans in your inner-circle. Here is the thing, the hardest thing is making up your mind that you want to go Vegan. If you have done that, you are halfway there already!

Here are few tips to help take you to the finish line.

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Google it

When you first go Vegan, especially if you are taking leap from being a non-vegan to a vegan, you will at once feel you only got canned chickpeas, carrot and broccoli. This is far from reality. Veganism has been around for so many years that you can basically veganise all your favourite food from Mac and Cheese to Bolognese to some killer Burgers to …….! List goes on! This is of course if you love cooking. But you if you can’t remember when you last cooked a meal, don’t worry, there are plenty of amazing vegan restaurants, you just got to use your trusty friend Google.

becoming a vegan veganist Australia Stop listening to negativity

Stop listening to negativity

When you first start to your Vegan journey, so many people will tell you why you shouldn’t. One of the most common remarks will be how unhealthy it is. Just know that it not the case, unless advised by your doctor for specific health reasons, science shows that we do not need to consume animal products to be healthy. If someone asks why, respond why not! Their response will most likely be baseless and just an opinion.

Understand your purpose of going vegan

I always believe that you should ask yourself, what is your purpose of doing something.  Mine was very clear from the start: it is my love and compassion for all animals. Likewise, if you have a convincing reason for what you do, very unlikely that you will talk yourself out of it. You will figure out to work around the challenges that may present itself. Remember for a lot of us, going vegan was a CHOICE. It was not an effortless transition, but it was a transition with meaning and purpose.

How to become a vegan Veganist Australia dont beat your self

Don’t beat yourself up

Nobody is perfect. If you slip up and eat a piece of chicken or your favourite dessert made with eggs, don’t beat yourself up. It is fine, and happens to the best of us. Don’t be overly critical of yourself, just know that you are doing your best to live a cruelty-free life. Important thing is enjoying the journey because this is one of the best decisions a human can make.

Start small

This is if you are unable to still make that commitment. Ease yourself in to the process, otherwise it will be too forceful and you will give up. I was Vegetarian for 5 years, and when I decided to go Vegan, I found it difficult to suddenly cut out my favourites (chocolates, biscuits, ice-cream, cheese and eggs) especially when I was eating at a restaurant. To start off, I changed things that I had control over. I stopped buying “my favourites” during my weekly grocery and start going fully-vegan with my home cooking. Then moved on to things I had control over. I checked the menu or call the restaurant ahead to make sure they have Vegan options or if the Chef would be kind enough to make my dish vegan.

Hope these tips helped you! 

Be Kind,

Fellow Veganist

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