Go Vegan in 2021?

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Go Vegan in 2021?

Wouldn't it be such a cool resolution? I'd say yes! You probably have thought about it and but was afraid to take the leap and break a resolution in a week. Or you have tried it one time, never managed to stick to it. 

Well, you have come to the right place. I want to give you a few tips you can follow when setting up this resolution for the new year!

Firstly, kudos to you for even considering change. I know it can be daunting at first, but once you get in to it, it is a rewarding experience and it will start to be a lifestyle.

 Make gradual changes

If you can't make a full dive, start with something simple. Try going on a plant-based diet for 3 days a week for 4 weeks start. Easy enough? You probably will have to meal-prep or think in advance what you need to cook. But 3 days out of a week is highly doable. Then gradually increase the number of days. Meantime, start incorporating veganism to other parts of life. Ran out of your Foundation cream? Look for a brand that doesn't conduct animal testing. Replacing your toilet cleaner? Google a cruelty-free brand. Driving 5 minutes to the grocerry shop? Take a ride in your bicycle or take a walk. Small things and making consious gradual changes will make this resolution easy to keep. 

Have a purpose 

Find the reason behind why you want to become a Veganist. It is cool, my friend is a vegan, just for fun or seems healthy are some weak purposes.There is a very likely chance that you will not pursue if you do not have a deeper connection. Better reasonings: you are against animal cruelty against farmed animals, you cannot stand the exploitation of animals in various industries, you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

Make it your own

Many believe going vegan means you eat raw fruits and veggies and live off a backpack. Well if that's you, by all means! But most of us can't. If you are part of the latter group, remember you still can indulge in delicious vegan meals, veganise your favourite dessert and find vegan alternatives to any household item. It is a journey, so enjoy the experience and ride. Find ways to experiment, take time to find your likes and dislikes, connect with other vegans and make it your own. 

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