Vegan Nasi Goreng Fried Rice

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Vegan Nasi Goreng Fried Rice

Fair warning, one bite of this, you will keep wanting more! Make yourself a delicious Nasi Goreng Fried Rice with a few simple steps!


  • 1 jar of Nasi Goreng Balinese Paste
  • 500g of bite sized tofu or vegetables
  • 4 cups of cooked rice
  • 2 tbsp of sweet soy sauce
  • Fresh ingredients: fried shallots, chilli and fresh coriander to garnish


  • Add a little oil to the pan or wok.
  • Stir-fry tofu or vegetables with the paste for few minutes.
  • Add cooked rice and sweet soy sauce.
  • Cook on high heat for 10 minutes. 
  • Top rice with the fresh ingredients. 


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